Matthew Coe taught a transformative yoga class to me a few years back. Although it wasn’t called Yoga Tune Up Balls at the time, he pulled out a basket of colorful balls and asked us to each take one. We began to roll-out our feet. I was captivated by the practice and felt like I had melted. After class, I spoke to him and asked him if he would lead a ball rolling workshop. I was eager for more! He taught a Full Body Roll Out Workshop a few months later. I was amazed at the new information I learned about my body, and felt empowered to take better good care of myself.

Matthew gave the same workshop at Sutra a few weeks later – a studio that we shared at that time. I was again amazed when I attended the workshop a second and third time. This was when I decided to enroll in Yoga Tune Up Balls teacher Training to help me take better care and share this treasure with the Seattle community.

What are Yoga Tune-Up Balls?

Yoga Tune Up Balls are safe and effective for your soft tissues, joints, and muscles. They are not like tennis or lacrosse balls. YTU balls are portable and affordable self massage tools made from grippy-pliable-optimally dense rubber. They are soft and firm at the same time. They are dense enough to penetrate through layers and muscles to provide targeted trigger point therapy and massage deep into high-tension areas.

There are three sizes available Spark Yoga for these balls. The Original size is the smallest. It works as a thumb against your tissues. Plus is the next size, with pressure similar to an elbow. Alpha, the largest rubber ball, feels like a fist. The fourth member of YTU’s ball family is slightly different than the others. Coregeous is an inflatable ball with a larger diameter (10 inches), made from grippy-pliable materialI. However, its density can vary depending on how high you inflate it. The Courageous Ball is used to open adhesions and increase awareness between and within organs, such as the abdominal wall, diaphragm, ribs, mobilizing thoracic spine, shoulder girdle and others. Use Yoga Tune Up Balls for Your Benefit Jill Miller’s book The Roll Model Method is available: “If there is an adhesion or restriction in any part of your myofascial, then the muscle can’t function fully and the joint(s), to which it attaches, cannot.” Therapy Ball rolling, self massage, and other techniques can be used to squeeze, knead and compress muscle fibers and associated fascial tissue that have become stuck together. This turbulence and positive commotion within tissues increases local blood circulation, thereby bathing and eventually rehydrating (known as perfusion).

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