Tired Of Your “Spark Yoga” Rut?



Are you stuck in a Spark Yoga rut? It happens to everyone.

13 years of regular yoga practice has allowed me to spark yoga experience the feeling. There have been phases in my life where yoga was all I could do. Daily classes, double classes and yoga books were some of the things I couldn’t stop doing.

In essence, a yoga addiction

There were times in my life when asanas were so integral to my daily routine that I couldn’t imagine not practicing them. It was part of who I was, it was what I did.

Alas, I have had my moments where I couldn’t bear to think about unrolling my yoga mat. Total loss of yoga mojo.

  • My students tell me that many practitioners agree with this statement.
  • Sometimes, we don’t feel like doing yoga. (I specifically refer to asana practice when I say “Spark Yoga”.

How can we break out of the yoga rut? How can we get out of this yoga rut?

You can take a break from yoga. On the other hand, dips in motivation can be a test for the spiritual path. There is a delicate balance between continuing our practice while remaining detached.

Sometimes, lack of motivation can mean it’s time for a break. Other times it can mean it’s time for some spice to keep us on the yogic path.

Here are a few reasons it might be time to take a rest

You have good reasons to be discouraged from practicing yoga. Let’s take a look at the four main reasons why it is time to take a rest.

Reason You’ve overdone it

You can do too much yoga. A daily, intense practice of yoga has a limited shelf life. This is true for most bodies. While it may feel good for a while, the body will eventually revolt and demand rest.

You can practice yoga every day. It’s healthy to practice Spark Yoga daily. This is dependent on how often we practice each day. Do we love hot, sweaty, high-energy Spark Yoga classes? Or fast-moving, high-energy yoga classes? Are you soaked in sweat and left the studio with jelly legs?

Do we love a sweaty, hot power yoga class? Or fast-moving, high-energy Spark Yoga classes. Are you soaked in sweat and left the studio with jelly legs?

These classes are great for the occasional, but TF SUPPLEMENTS can be a bit too intense on a daily basis. Your body will eventually cry out for rest, regardless of whether you are feeling tired, irritable, or worse, injured.

Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, recommends that we exercise daily but not more than 50% of our maximum capacity. This means that we should stop if we need to inhale deeply or wipe our brows.

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