Pack Health: A Trailblazer in the Management



Pack Health is contracted by companies to offer one-on-one digital coaching to patients with more than 25 chronic conditions, such as COPD, diabetes, and mental health. The novel coronavirus, however, changed everything for both patients with underlying conditions and the wider healthcare system. Pack Health had to be able quadruple the number of its coaches in order to handle the new patient influx.

Mazi Rasulnia (Pak Health President and CEO) stated that “Chronic Disease in the U.S.A is already at crisis level.” “When you combine that with a pandemic it became clear that we required a rapid and unprecedented public lamprey health care and medical response.”

Pack Health helps patients to onboard with Salesforce. This includes digital communications and specially trained call center agents who offer program education and help members transition into engagement. Barone health center Advisors are able to maximize their time and resources so they can focus on providing care and checking in with patients at least five times per semaine via email, text, and phone.

Scaling up to meet the demands of an Overextended  System

Pack Health is managing the new members and has a goal to hire 30-40 advisors to help it grow. Although employee onboarding typically involves a combination of face-to-face education and virtual education, Pack Health was able to reduce its training time from two weeks down to five days. The company shipped out Chromebooks preloaded with Service Cloud and other resources. Health Advisors can access Service Cloud to reference knowledge articles and create plans to help manage their texas health flower.

Pack Health’s tools and patient records are already stored in Salesforce. This allows Pack Health to achieve maximum scalability and configuration to meet changing requirements quickly.

Rasulnia stated that “Being in Salesforce’s cloud gave us complete confidence that we can scale.” “The technology and processes were already in place, so there wasn’t any problem with going virtual and handling the incoming requests.”

Service Cloud software provides complete customer support software that will help you build loyalty in every interaction.

Engaging Pack Health members wherever they may be

Pack Health customizes relationships with members using key insights such as social determinants and connecting with patients via their preferred channel (email, phone, text or secure app). Pack Health’s software developers created preapproved text messages templates in Salesforce. This allows Health Advisors to personalize messages to members using simple drag-and drop functionality.

Rasulnia stated that Salesforce has made it possible for florida health Advisors to follow up on members and provide touchpoints. We wouldn’t be in a position to maximize engagement if Salesforce didn’t offer the flexibility it has. Pack Health reduces COVID-19-related stress by providing smarter and more deliberate service.

Pack Health uses data collected from wearables to monitor patients and advisor conversations to create a complete picture of each member’s holzer health system. Remote data collection allows Health Advisors to build on the relationships they have built with their members. They can view it all in the cloud.

“People are afraid, stressed, and experiencing high levels of uncertainty. Rasulnia said that this can be overwhelming for people with chronic conditions. “So, we are now the digital quarterback or coach that they can rely on to support them during this difficult time.”

Systems configuration to meet changing requirements

Pack Health attributes its ability respond quickly to crisis situations and scale to a platform that can be easily customized to suit changing needs. Rasulnia believes having pre-built functionality that can be customized further saves time and money. This allows Pack Health staff to concentrate on what is important.

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