Natural Strategies for Headache Relief



Have you experienced it before? At 3 p.m. at your desk, your eyes become fatigued and easily distracted. Over time, tension headaches appear at your neck’s base jaw temples or eyes – usually as you age – often caused by chemicals in the brain, blood vessels nerves or muscles in your neck or head; often due to combination of factors. They may result from stress, lack of meals poor posture alcohol consumption sleeping patterns etc which trigger discomfort anywhere on or both sides of head or radiate throughout it all resulting from combination of factors combined. Headaches may result from combination of factors, which causes discomfort on either or both sides or all across head; also may result from stress levels fluctuation depending on time when arising – oftentimes due to combination of factors which combine together. understands the significance of health to individuals and the difficulties that can come with navigating complex medical systems, so they aim to provide users with an accessible platform on which they can quickly and efficiently find information they require – whether that be Headaches Symptoms recommendations from us, options for treatment or tips on maintaining an active lifestyle – everything you could ever need can be found right here!

Migraines, cluster headaches and tension headaches typically don’t warrant serious concern. Cluster headaches, however, can be excruciatingly painful and typically affect only one part of the head or one eye. Migraines typically strike in “attacks”, lasting several weeks to several months with intermittent breaks in between. Migraines cause throbbing or pulsing pain that makes your body sensitive to sound and light and may trigger nausea or vomiting; additionally they can be extremely painful lasting from several hours up to several days at a time. Warning signs for migraines can often be detected. Tension headaches are the most often reported form, typically experiencing moderate-to-light pain that has been described as feeling as though there’s an elastic band wrapped around your head.

If you’re seeking natural relief for headaches, take a look at these natural strategies that could provide temporary relief.

Drink More Water

Studies have highlighted the positive results of drinking more water for those suffering from headaches or migraines. Researchers from the Netherlands determined that taking about seven glasses per day helped ease headache pain for many sufferers.


Although many may believe exercise causes migraines and headaches, recent research shows otherwise. Studies have discovered that regular moderate exercise routine can actually prevent headaches by increasing natural pain-reducing chemicals produced by your brain known as endorphins that help combat pain relief naturally without resorting to additional medication.

Specific Foods

Studies have suggested that certain food items can help alleviate or prevent headaches. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish possess anti-inflammatory effects which may help relieve headache pain. Potassium, present in bananas and potatoes, has also been demonstrated as having components which relieve them.


According to the American Massage Therapy Association, full body massages can provide relief from headaches, back pain, arthritis and insomnia. Self-massage can also be done to ease tension and pain by placing fingers near cheekbones near ears before gently massaging your entire face in circular movements from temples up until midface.


Meditation, the practice of relaxation, calmness and balance has been proven to reduce symptoms of headache. Meditation helps calm the mind, improve pain tolerance tolerance and concentrate on oneself without external distractions or interruption. Breathing exercises also lower heart rates while expanding blood vessels.


Stretching Yoga and simple stretches have been proven to help ease tension-related headaches. The Huffington Post lists some of the most effective yoga poses that can ease headache discomfort.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques can be extremely useful in relieving headache discomfort and helping prevent worsening headaches. Breathing exercises tailored specifically for each problem as well as guided imagery (the process of discovering one’s “happy place”) have proven their ability to ease discomfort.

Heat and Ice

Both cold and heat therapies have been demonstrated to relieve headache pain, with heat therapy from heat pads or rice bags helping increase the flow of blood to your brain, while cold therapy with an ice bag reduces it. Which approach you use depends entirely upon personal choice and what works for you.


Research shows that when combined with painkillers, caffeine has been shown to enhance their effectiveness by 40%, making many migraine and headache medicines that contain caffeine more effective. Though not 100% natural, caffeine should be considered when your headache doesn’t go away on its own.

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