What Your Doctor Needs You to know about Erectile Dysfunction



Many men are unaware of Erectile dysfunction (ED), its causes, symptoms and treatments. We sought out experts to learn more about this common condition and get their insights. If you think you may be suffering from ED or have any doubts after reading this information, be sure to speak with your physician for further assessment and assistance.

Everyone experiences Erectile Dysfunction at some point.

Every man has experienced the frustration of not being able to sustain an erection long enough for sexual sex. It’s normal to feel a lack of energy and sleep deprivation when trying to maintain or get an erection; however, according to Larry Lipshultz MD, urologist, if you find that 50% of your daily erections are occurring due to ED then this could indicate a larger issue with health overall.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a serious medical condition.

Dr. Darius Paduch, urologist, states that the blood vessels in the penis are smaller and start to narrow before those of the heart or brain do. Therefore, ED could be indicative of a larger problem such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease – so do not hesitate to book an appointment with your doctor to determine whether this is due to an illness.

Everyone experiences ED differently.

Many men mistakenly assume that if they’re experiencing strong erections, then they must have an ED. According to Kevin Billups MD, however, “If it is difficult for you to achieve a firm erection but also recovering it quickly, this could indicate an underlying issue with ED.” It’s possible for an erection to not be strong enough or difficult for it to stay through.

Viagra is not the only solution.

Your doctor may not recommend sildenafil (Viagra) or similar medications if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. Lipshultz notes that your physician will look into the underlying cause of ED and address that when making lifestyle changes such as losing weight or quitting smoking. These can all help improve ED symptoms.

Don’t self-treat.

Dr. Billups suggests consulting your physician before beginning to take ED medication as it can interfere with other medicines and lead to potentially hazardous side effects like lower blood pressure. Furthermore, supplements that claim to boost male performance could contain harmful ingredients not listed on their labels, or may cause adverse reactions or drug interactions; thus it’s always wise to consult a physician prior to beginning any new supplement regimen.

Discuss your sleeping habits with your physician.

Dr. Billups emphasizes the importance of sleep, noting it’s often overlooked but can cause erectile dysfunction (ED). Obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia and other sleep-related disorders may alter hormones and lead to an increase in abdominal fat which could ultimately result in ED. A healthy sleep routine is key for everyone; avoid alcohol consumption, limit caffeine consumption and try your best to go to bed by midnight for best results.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not a typical sign of aging.

Though ED may be more prevalent with age, it’s not a guarantee. According to Dr. Paduch, ED is more about one’s health and lifestyle than age alone and can be treated at any age – so don’t let that stop you from seeking help from your physician today!

Depression and Erectile Dysfunction have a complex intertwined relationship.

When feeling depressed, speak to your physician immediately. According to Dr. Billups, depression increases the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction (ED), and vice versa; certain antidepressants can even contribute to these issues. If you experience sexual problems after using antidepressants, make sure you discuss this with your physician and continue taking them as prescribed – don’t stop suddenly unless advised by a healthcare professional! Sudden discontinuation can have detrimental effects.

Escaping Erectile Dysfunction It is possible to avoid ED.

Dr. Paduch emphasizes the importance of improving your heart health for men’s penis. You can achieve both by following a low-fat diet, exercising 150 minutes each week and abstaining from smoking. But before beginning any new fitness regime it’s wise to consult your physician first for security; additionally they may offer suggestions on improving other aspects of life as well.

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