What Counselling Can Do After Being Emotionally Abuused?



Do you feel emotionally controlled by someone? Are you a victim of your partner’s harsh criticisms? Are you having to deal with criticisms, judgement, accusation, and insults even though you know you are doing nothing wrong? You might feel emotionally abused. Treatment for emotional abuse can help professionals in mental health connect with clients faster, while having the option of working from home and having the flexibility of managing as many clients as you’d like simultaneously. Online therapy offered by Calmerrycan assist you in earning additional income and maintain a better work-life balance.

It is difficult to recognize emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is caused by the behavior of another person. Emotional abuse can affect self-esteem and change perceptions about reality.

What is emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse, also known as psychological abuse, is a behavior that involves the deliberate control of another person using their emotions to judge, blame, or embarrass them. This can lead to unhealthy relationships, where it manifests as verbal abuse and emotional manipulation. Emotional abuse can have psychological effects, including fear, confusion, low self-esteem, despair, and hopelessness.

Emotional abuse can be a non-physical method of controlling another person. It may include verbal threats or strategies to make the victim feel inferior. However, it can often lead to domestic violence and physical abuse.

Signs of emotional abuse

It can sometimes be difficult to spot signs of emotional abuse. Many people believe that this is a temporary condition that will fade with time. It can have long-term effects, and it is a predictor of trauma and violence (Villa 2014). It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of emotional abuse.

You might have an abusive relationship if you see the following signs in your partner’s behavior:

Emotional blackmail – These emotional abusers will often manipulate and control others to embarrass them. They humiliate their partners in private and public. They can be very critical of their partner and may use emotional blackmail to get them out of it.

Acting superior – Emotional abusers can make people feel inferior. They make others feel superior and insist that they behave and think in their way. They are often sarcastic and make offensive jokes about others.

Invading your privacy is another sign that you are being emotionally abused. Emotional abusers are known to check the email, social media and text messages of others. It might appear that they are trying to spend more time with your, but in reality, they don’t allow you to make decisions based on your needs.

Neglecting your feelings – They may play with your emotions, make you feel bad or be indifferent to you. They won’t allow people to express their feelings. They make fun of the emotions of others.

Setting unrealistic expectations – Emotional abusers enjoy making unreasonable demands. They might ask you to spend your entire time with them, or to meet all their requirements.

Psychological effects of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can have severe psychological and long-term effects on your mental health. People who have experienced emotional abuse are initially in denial. They feel confused, afraid, and ashamed. Sometimes, they may feel helpless. Most victims remain optimistic and believe that things will improve.

Many times, emotional abuse can cause physical symptoms like muscle tension, moodiness, and other pains and aches. People often have difficulty concentrating and feel tired. Sometimes, they even experience nightmares.

Counseling for the Emotionally Abuused: Can Therapy Help?

Counseling can be a powerful way to prevent the long-term mental health effects of emotional abuse. Sometimes, victims of emotional abuse find it difficult to admit they have been victim. The quality of your life is significantly affected by feeling manipulated, humiliated or unhealthyly attached to another person.

People often believe that a person’s low self-esteem and mood is a sign of stress or economic problems. Counselors can help clients determine if they are actually experiencing emotional abuse or if their concerns are due to different triggers.

Therapy is a safe, non-judgmental and confidential place where you can express your feelings, talk about what’s happening, and not feel ashamed or guilty. It doesn’t really matter if it’s psychotherapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy, counseling’s basic principle is to create a safe space where clients and therapists can actively participate in solving problems.

Emotional abuse, which can lead to depression, self-esteem problems, and a decrease in quality of life, is the most severe form of abuse. Emotional abusers feel trapped. They can’t bear the relationship any longer, but they don’t want it to end.

It is unacceptable to tolerate someone trying to control or make you feel guilty. Everybody deserves to feel secure and have psychological well-being. If you feel emotionally abused, professional counselors may be able to help you.

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