Tooth Implants Types and Benefits



Tooth Implants Types and Benefits

If you have damaged, loose, or poorly-fitting or missing teeth, Tooth Implants are an ideal solution. Tooth Implants are commonly used to replace a missing tooth or dentures, or a whole row of missing teeth.

A Tooth Implant is permanent tooth replacement that feels and looks like your natural tooth. Apart from giving you a a stunning smile, the replacement teeth also let you chew your food correctly and increase your quality of life dramatically.

An OverviewA Tooth Implant is a fake tooth root that is made into the jaw bone in order to support an artificial tooth. Implants can be used in conjunction with two or more to be used to restore an entire set of teeth.

The titanium implant is surgically placed into the jawbone in the area where one tooth or tooth or set of teeth is missing. The implanted tooth is covered with a fake tooth (or several false ones) that looks natural. The titanium root serves as an anchor for the replacement tooth and also provides support for a variety of dental restorations like bridges, crowns or dentures.

Kinds of Teeth Implantation

Tooth Implants have been widely considered to be an aesthetic form of dentistry. They can be divided into three types that include Endosteal Implants, Plate Form Implants, and Subperiosteal Implants.

  • Endosteal Tooth Implant: Also known as “Root Form’ , this cylindrical screw-type implant is designed to resemble the tooth’s root and implanted into the jaw to provide an ideal base for a single, a few or a complete arch of artificial teeth. This kind of Dental Implantation is only used when the space and the jawbone’s depth is abundant. Implants that are root-form are the most frequently used in all kinds of Tooth Implants. They look exactly like the tooth that was originally placed. The time to recover for Endosteal implant could take from 3 to 6 months.
  • Plate form Implants: These implants are utilized when the jawbone isn’t able to permit bone grafting. The implant is thin and flat so that it fits in the jawbone. A dentist puts the plate carefully and then closes the wounds using numerous stitches. Once healing is complete and the crown has been glued to the implant. The healing process for a Plate Form implant could take as long as 6 months, similar to Root Form.
  • Subperiosteal Implant: This type of implant can be suggested if there’s not enough bone thickness or width to support the Root Form or Plate Form implants. It is a custom-made implant that rests on the jawbone on top but underneath the gums.

The Subperiosteal implant can be positioned on the bone in various ways: Single operation and dual surgical method.

A CAT scan is needed to determine the jawbone’s location for the “single-surgery” method. By using the information from the CAT scan along with the modern computer modeling techniques and techniques, a model of the jawbone is built. Dental labs use this computer-generated model to design the custom-fit subperiosteal implants. The dentist will then surgically place the implant on the bone. The implant is then attached to the implants using artificial teeth.

The “dual surgery” method involves a dentist cutting through the gums to create an impression of the bone. The gum is then closed. The model is then taken to the dental lab where the Tooth Implant is custom-made to be a perfect fit for your jaw. The following procedure is completed where the dentist again cut opens the gums and places the implant. Once again, the gums are closed with several stitches.

Tooth Implants: The Benefits

  • Tooth Implants look and function like your natural teeth.
  • They are a permanent remedy for tooth loss , and are durable.
  • Implants can stop jaw bone loss.
  • Implanted teeth are a superior option than dentures that don’t fit properly. You can talk and smile with confidence, even if your teeth slip.
  • Tooth Implants enable you to chew all kinds of food comfortably and easily.

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