Tooth Implants: The Pros and Cons



Tooth Implants: The pros and Cons

Do you cover your mouth every time you smile in public, since there’s an ugly gap between your front teeth? Do you have trouble fixing a chipped, missing or damaged tooth? You may need Tooth Implants.

Patients with damaged or missing teeth used to have no option but to endure their dental issues. Cosmetic dentistry has allowed you to get that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of as well as many other improvements have been created.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any procedure or surgery that are performed on the teeth, excluding dental health reasons. It is also known as Tooth Implants or white fillings.

Tooth Implants have been among the most sophisticated and innovative techniques in the field of dentistry. An Tooth Implant is usually regarded as the most natural and secure type of tooth replacement is an artificial root that serves as a base for bridges or replacement teeth.

Your oral health condition that includes the quantity of teeth missing and the quality of bone, and the shape and size of the implant you pick will determine if you require artificial roots or prosthetic teeth are needed.

If you have just one missing tooth Your periodontist will substitute it with an implant and crown. If you have multiple missing teeth, implant-supported bridges can be made.

Implant-supported full bridges as well as full dentures can also be used to replace missing teeth.

In case of insufficient amount and the quality of the jawbone, sinus augmentation often referred to as sinus lift or sinus graft can correct this problem by raising the sinus floor and developing bone to support the foundation of an artificial tooth root.

The procedure is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the most modern advancements in Tooth Implantation technology. But as is the case with any medical or surgical procedure, dental implants can come with some problems and complications.

So, before deciding on Tooth Implants, you need be aware of its pros and Cons


  • Implants look, feel and function just like your natural teeth.
  • They can help you regain your confidence and look younger.
  • Implants can provide you with natural-looking, sparkling , new teeth that won’t harm adjacent healthy teeth.
  • As they are incorporated into the structure of your jaw bone, they offer a permanent foundation to dental prosthetics and dentures that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  • Often made from titanium, Tooth Implants offer biting force that is similar to natural teeth.
  • Tooth Implants do not slip or slide off while eating or talking as opposed to bridges and removable dentures.
  • They offer freedom from the annoying clicking and hissing sounds of dentures and the messy glues and pastes and glues.


  • Tooth Implants are a surgical procedure that may cause complications and risk.
  • Implant site can experience constant pain, swelling or bruising.
  • An adjacent nerve can damage, which can cause severe pain, numbness , or discomfort in the tooth or gums.
  • There is a possibility of temporary swelling, or even bruising to your gums and face.
  • Although in rare cases it is possible that Tooth Implants may fall off.
  • It is possible to break the tooth or infect it.
  • It’s quite common that you go through a period of chronic gum inflammation around the implant.

It is a time-consuming process and may require multiple visits to the dentist office. If you are suffering from serious issues it is possible to visit the dentist many times over the years.

Tooth implants can be expensive and could result in missing teeth

The right knowledge is needed to fully comprehend the pros and cons of Tooth Implants. It is a good idea to speak with your dentist prior to you make the decision to go for Tooth Implants. This will provide you with a thorough knowledge of the procedure.

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