Tips you must know to be prepared for dental implants.



Here are some tips you must know to be prepared for dental implants.

A Tooth Implant involves several surgical procedures. This procedure is ideal for you if you want to restore your teeth but don’t want to put on dentures. Dental Implants are offered at almost every clinic you can find. But you have to keep in mind that you need to do an extensive dental exam first before getting a Dental Implant. In addition to passing the dental exam it is essential that you have a healthy jawbone as well as strong tissues that can hold the implant.

You are here. Here are the things you need to be aware of if you intend to undergo the procedure of a Dental Implant:

  • An extensive dental exam. Dental implants are distinct from tooth extractions. That is why it is essential to prepare yourself for a thorough dental exam including dental X-rays CT and oral examinations. The dental examinations will help you avoid any dental issues that could arise during and after the dental implant.
  • The restriction on eating and drinking is during the 8-12 hour period. This restriction only applies to patients who do not require local anaesthesia for the implant procedure. The dentist or the doctor will instruct you to refrain from drinking or eating while you are under the procedure. This will minimise nausea after the procedure.
  • Maintain your body’s well-being. You must be healthy before you undergo any procedure. Beware of any activity that may cause symptoms such as the flu, cold or fever. The best way to maintain your health is as simple as eating a balanced diet and working out regularly.
  • Take the prescribed medicine. You will be prescribed an antibiotic by your dentist or doctor. The medicine should be taken an hour prior to when you are scheduled to go in for an implant procedure. Follow the directions. If you suspect that you have allergies to something, inform your doctor know, so he can give the proper medication or arrange a special treatment for you.
  • The treatment of your gum disease and tooth decay. You will be asked to treat any decayed teeth that cause gum disease prior to the surgery for your teeth. This is essential because it will help prevent gum disease from developing. This is to make sure that the bone surrounding your Tooth Implant will not get infected. If the infection spreads to the jaw, your Dental Implant may be lost just like your natural tooth.

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