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What does earning a master’s degree in nursing with emphasis in public health mean?

Mastering Nursing (MSN) with an emphasis in public health is a rewarding path to make a difference in your community and pursue a career in healthcare. The MSN in Public Health Nursing pathway educates students about the consequences of healthcare access on community wellbeing, how vulnerabilities spread, and how diseases impact communities. With an MSN degree from Nursing Public Health you’ll be well-equipped to assess populations, conduct field studies, and do hands-on research to address root causes and mitigate risks. So what exactly are the details about getting your MSN in public health nursing? Let’s explore!

How can I pursue a Master of Science in Public Health Nursing degree?

Each institution has its own requirements for MSN students. At Goodwin University, those applying must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and an active RN license. In addition, they must submit an essay about their nursing career goals; interviews with program directors form part of the application process at Goodwin University without needing GRE scores. Two years of work experience working as a nurse are highly recommended for this program.

What Curriculum Can Expect?

An MSN in Public Health from Goodwin provides career-oriented coursework for this field of work. This 30-credit program can be completed within 20 months due to its flexible nature; you can take your classes whenever you have free time.

Classes will include both theoretical and clinical work.

Politics, Organization of Healthcare, and Policy – How are health care policies created? This course examines how politics and advocacy are intertwined in the development of these policies. How can nurses ensure that leaders uphold ethical standards? With this instruction, the next generation of nurses can become impactful activists.

Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Physical Assessment for Advanced Nursing Practice – These three clinical classes prepare students to handle more advanced nursing practice responsibilities. Pharmacology covers medication distribution and use as well as cultural and economic influences. Pathophysiology deepens students’ comprehension of chronic and acute illnesses. Physical Assessment takes a comprehensive, holistic approach in evaluating patients across all life stages.

Theoretical Foundations of Public Health: How are healthcare quality and costs distributed across different geographic areas and socioeconomic classes? This course in population health theory focuses on planning projects, collecting data, and analyzing the results.

Even better, credits from Goodwin University’s MSN program can be transferred into specialty areas of MSN practice or doctoral programs for graduates looking to progress their careers.

What career prospects exist for those with an MSN in public Health?

An MSN education can give nurses more advanced skills, potentially leading to greater career possibilities. Registered nurses with an MSN in population or public health may find employment in:

  • Hospitals
  • Sector government
  • Health departments in the state or region
  • Residential care facilities and nursing homes
  • Universities
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Doctor’s offices

Nurses with a master’s degree in nursing work in these settings to provide healthcare to vulnerable populations. With an extensive range of knowledge about population health, MSN public nurses have the capacity to collaborate with social services, policy-making agencies, local/regional governments to enhance patients’ lives. MSN public nurses are not only qualified to provide treatment but also play an invaluable role in education, advocacy and partnership activities.

Graduates with an advanced MSN in public healthcare possess leadership potential. They could become Nurse Managers, Community Health Directors or Nurse Educators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical and Health Services Managers earn on average $101,340 annually – one potential outcome from earning your MSN population health degree.

For the Medical and Health Services Manager position, experience as a registered nurse in either clinical or administrative roles is necessary. A master’s degree in leadership and management is preferred; these requirements can be fulfilled through Goodwin University’s MSN program.

What makes the degree unique compared to other MSN and MPH degrees?

A MSN in public health stands out from other MSN programs in terms of educational scope, program length and credit amount. You should also take a look at the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). The PMHNP program equips students with the knowledge and skills to diagnose, advocate for, and treat patients suffering from acute or chronic mental health issues. To earn the 50 credits necessary to become a PMHNP, students must complete seven semesters of instruction. FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) is a program that prepares nurses to provide holistic healthcare throughout patients’ lifespans. Students in this program earn 47 credits over 27 months, part-time or year-round; alternatively, they can earn 30 credits while completing the MSN program at a faster rate of 20 months. When selecting which nursing program best suits you, prospective MSN candidates should consider population health focus as one of their key deciding factors.

If you have a passion for public health, then the MSN in Population Health or Master’s in Public Health might be for you. Students earn 42 credits and the MPH program takes 12-15 months to complete. When selecting which degree path is best suited to you, take into account whether research, clinical work, policy writing or program implementation interest you; do you plan to spend more time collecting data or working with patients after finishing your master’s program? These questions can help determine whether an MSN/MPH path is suitable for your career objectives.

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