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What does it mean to get a master’s degree in nursing in public health?

A Master’s degree in nursing (MSN), with a focus on public health, is a rewarding way to make a difference in your community and forge a career in healthcare. The advanced path to a MSN in Public Health Nursing is a pathway that teaches students about the effects of healthcare access on community well being, how healthcare vulnerabilities are spread, and how these diseases affect communities. Graduates with an MSN degree in Nursing in Public Health can be prepared to assess populations, conduct field studies, and do hands-on research to address root causes and mitigate risk factors. What are the details about getting your MSN degree in public health nursing? Let’s see!

How can I get into a MSN in public health nursing?

Each institution has its own requirements. Prospective MSN students must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing with a minimum cumulative GPA 3.0. MSN applicants should also hold an active RN license. They must also submit a personal essay about their nursing career goals. Interviews with program directors are part of the application process. Goodwin University doesn’t require applicants to submit GRE scores. Two years of experience working in nursing is highly recommended.

What curriculum should you expect?

A MSN in Public Health will provide career-oriented coursework in this area of work. The MSN program at Goodwin focuses on population health. This 30-credit program can be completed in just 20 months. Online courses are flexible and offer no fixed class times. You can take your coursework whenever you are available.

Classes will include both theoretical and clinical work.

  • Politics, Organization of Healthcare, and Policy – How do health care policies get created? This course examines how politics and advocacy are intertwined in the development of health care policies. How can nurses make sure that leaders are ethical? The next generation of nurses will be able to learn from this how to become affective activists.
  • Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment for Advanced Nursing Practice- These three clinical classes prepare students to take on advanced nursing practice job duties. Pharmacology is the study of medication distribution and use, as well as cultural and economic nuances. Pathophysiology improves student understanding of chronic and acute illnesses. Physical Assessment is a comprehensive, holistic approach to evaluating patients across all life stages.
  • Theoretical Basis of Public Health – How is the quality and cost of health care services distributed across different geographical areas and socioeconomic classes? This course in population health theory focuses on planning for population health projects, gathering data, and analysing the results.

Even better, credits from Goodwin University’s MSN program can be transferred into specialty areas of MSN practice or doctoral programs if graduates want to advance their careers.

What are the career options for people who have a MSN in public Health?

An MSN education can help nurses gain more advanced skills, which could lead to better career opportunities. RNs who have an MSN in population or public health may find work in:

  • Hospitals
  • Sector government
  • Health departments in the state or region
  • Residential care facilities and nursing homes
  • Universities
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Doctor’s offices

These settings are where nurses with a master’s degree in nursing work. They provide healthcare for vulnerable populations. They have a wide range of knowledge about population health and can partner with social services, policy-making agencies, local and regional governments to improve the lives of patients they treat in clinics. MSN public nurses are not only qualified to provide treatment but also play an important role in education, advocacy, and partnership.

Graduates who earn an advanced MSN in public healthcare have leadership potential. They could become Nurse Managers, Community Health Directors or Nurse Educators. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Medical and Health Services Managers earn on average $101,340 per year. This is one potential outcome of earning an MSN population health.

The Medical and Health Services Manager position requires experience as a RN in a clinical or administrative role. A preferred master’s degree in leadership and management is also required. All of these requirements are met by Goodwin University’s MSN program.

What is the degree’s value in comparison to other MSN and MPH degrees?

A MSN in public health differs from other MSN programs in terms educational scope, program length and credit amount. You should also take a look at the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). The PMHNP program prepares students for the diagnosis, advocacy, and treatment of patients with acute or chronic psychiatric problems. To earn the 50 credits necessary to become a PMHNP, it takes seven semesters. FNP is a program that trains nurses to promote holistic healthcare across the life span of patients. FNP students are awarded 47 credits over 27 months. Part-time and year-round. Students can also earn 30 credits while completing the MSN program at a quicker rate of 20 months. Prospective MSN students should consider the population health focus as a key deciding factor.

If you are passionate about public health, then you may also consider the MSN in Population Health or the Master’s in Public Health. Students earn 42 credits and the MPH is completed in 12-15 months. You should consider whether you are interested in research, clinical work, policy-writing or program implementation. Are you looking to spend more time on data collection or work with patients after your master’s program? These questions can help you determine whether the MSN/MPH path is best for your career goals.

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