I have tried them all. Meal plans: Low carb, no-carb and paleo; 5K races; Zumba classes; power yoga; hot yoga; walking – my 50 lbs didn’t seem to change. My weight struggles have led to frustrating days and nights of wearing ill-fitting clothes, bathing suits cover-ups, and eating unhealthily. Although I have made a good recovery, my new ‘plus-size 14’ has been a constant reminder of me. Last summer, I received a postcard from Nava Health & Vitality Centers. The questions I was asked immediately struck me (shoutout for the copywriter!) ): “Are you feeling fatigued? Are you fed up with your diet? Feeling like you’re not yourself? “Craving for the feeling and vitality?” I was not myself, and I was tired and sick of feeling tired and sick. So I called to schedule a Wellness Diagnostic at $250 in Columbia, MD – they also have one in Chevy Chase, DC. Then, I embarked upon an eye-opening journey in my 38th Year of Life.

The Nava Health & Vitality Center is a peaceful place, with a waterfall in its waiting area and super friendly staff. The skeptical side of me was alert, but I realized that no other treatment had worked for my condition. So why not be open-minded? I am so glad I did. After a wonderful conversation, the doctor scheduled me for a full blood panel to test me for various things. My insurance covered the blood draw, which was even better. I was amazed when I returned for my follow-up a few weeks later. Here are some things I discovered about myself.

I am casein intolerant. {What is casein? It is the protein found in milk. This different that being lactose intolerant which means you cannot tolerate the sugar found in milk.|This is different from being lactose intolerant, which means that you can’t tolerate milk sugar.}

  • I am gluten intolerant. This was something I noticed when I cut out gluten for the first time in my life.
  • T3 and T4 levels in my thyroid were extremely low. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is what I have.
  • Vitamin D is a problem in my body. It’s not surprising that my GP called me and recommended supplements (that I was not actually taking).
  • Progesterone deficiency is a condition that affects every part of the uterus. More on this in a separate post.

I have a Testosterone deficit (which can affect my motivation, energy, and focus nava health)

Holy mackerel. I was a complete mess. It was no wonder that I felt awful! So I left with my new Get Stacey Right Wellness Plan. (I made that up). It also included removing gluten and casein from my diet. Let me clarify. This meant that there was no pizza. Or ice cream. Or bread. BREAD. Or cheese. My life is done. Natural thyroid and progesterone supplements, as well as a renewed commitment for taking my Vitamin D tablets. All other things, including my high-BMI, would have to wait until these basics were under control.

The Nava team was able to fill and prescribe the supplements at the facility. However, the progesterone was sent home to me. I felt relieved when I left. I realized that my constant feeling of being crappy wasn’t just my imagination.

NAVA takes a holistic approach towards wellness, which I really appreciate. They support alternative and traditional approaches to various conditions. They believe that the body is interconnected. This made perfect sense to my. They have nutritionists as well as chiropractors, massage therapists and life coaches.

Two months later, my follow-up appointment was scheduled. My Vitamin D levels had moved from the yellow to the green zone. Although my thyroid levels were slightly higher, they did increase my dose of the supplement. This would occur one more time before I noticed any real improvement. My progesterone supplement was a cheat because it made my sweaty at night and gave me nightmares. It’s known as “the sleeping pill”, because it helps you fall asleep so deeply. However, I felt more energetic and less cranky. This is a great improvement!

Nava Health & Vitality Center has 87% reuse rate with Blispay

In May 2016, Nava Health & Vitality Center teamed with Blispay in order to offer customers a financing option. Nava’s relationship with customers extends beyond their wellness services. Blispay was a financing option that they offered to customers in May 2016.

Nava’s distinguished team of doctors, therapists and roots behavioral health experts is passionate about improving wellbeing and achieving life-changing outcomes. This has created a welcoming environment that encourages the cultivation of balanced, healthy lives.

Nava offers a unique blend of Eastern wellness techniques and Western ones to help clients overcome common alamance health care problems and attain optimal wellness. There are four locations in MD and DC.

The Impact of Blispay on Businesses Nava Health

  • Blispay has a high customer retention rate. 87% of customers who pay with Blispay keep purchasing services.
  • Blispay’s average order value (AOV) is 185% more than other payment methods.
  • Conversation with Bill Ward

What made you want to try Blispay first?

Bill: Nava was initially unsure if our customers would require financing. Our typical customer is quite wealthy and doesn’t need to stretch their budget. They don’t usually have a shortage of credit card options. Customers were asking for it. It wasn’t what they needed, but they wanted it. We considered many options, and were frustrated by the complexity of them all. Finally we decided to go with Blispay because it was easy to use and manage. Our team was able to answer the question “Yes” about financing, which allows us to be a champion of our customers.

Please tell us about the process of launching Blispay

Bill: Starting with Blispay was a breeze. This was because Nava does not have a large IT department to implement complex credit programs. Blispay has no impact on our backend or front-end operations so it was very easy to implement. We liked the fact that they were easy to use and could be set up in a matter of minutes. It was as simple as placing signs in the treatment rooms, at reception and at scheduling desks.

What do You Like Most About Blispay?

Nava Health These are the results. Blispay transactions are 185% more than our average transaction. This means that the combined betr health effect of strong reuse and AOV lift is very promising. We are expanding our promotion for Blispay in all of our marketing channels and locations. It’s so simple that Blispay isn’t adopted by every merchant.

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