Canada Bay Club imported a Forni Visciano oven last year. It is an artisan-made in Naples oven that uses gas and wood fire. This oven is a joy to use, allowing us to offer diners at The Brasserie authentic Italian pizzas and some of our favourite Australian flavours. Marco pizza, The Brasserie’s Head Chef, shares his inspirations and tips for making wood-fired pizzas every day.

Although I was born in northern Italy, my family is from Naples. I have always loved pizza. After you have had a great marco pizza made in a wood-fired oven, there is no comparison to the one that was cooked in an electric or gas oven. The authentic wood-fired pizza is far superior to the ones you get in fast food . Although it is quick to make, authentic pizza can take time to prepare. First, you need to make your dough. Next, heat the oven to the right temperature. Finally, select the best toppings and bake for 3-4 minutes.

Marco Pizza Delicious

What makes wood-fired marco pizza so delicious? The perfect combination of high heat, smoky flavour from the wood and the right dough recipe creates a crust that is crisp, chewy, and bubbly all at once.

The best Wood-Fired Marco Pizza

Roman times saw the first wood fired ovens. The first benefit is the even heat distribution. Pizza is cooked simultaneously by hot bricks on top and hot air convection currents at the top. The second advantage is the wood, which gives the pizza a unique and smoky flavor. Woodfired ovens produce a perfect crust that is light USF health food trucks and crispy. They also retain more nutrients because they use dry heat (typically between 315 and 480degC).

How to make the Perfect Martini Pizza Base?

A good base is the key to great wood-fired pizza. Although no great pizzaiolo (pizza maker) will share their recipe, here are some of my top tips for perfecting your pizza dough.

Your flour will determine the quality of your pizza. 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana Type “00” is used at The Brasserie. This flour is medium-high in protein and results in elastic dough. It was developed by the master chefs from Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. This flour brand can be purchased online if you are interested in making your own pizza dough.

Thin is the best choice when it comes to stretching your pizza bases. You want your pizza to cook at high temperatures for only 3-4 minutes. The crust should be light in color and slightly darker in spots. This will allow for texture variation and visual appeal.

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