Meet “Interior Design Masters Contestants” 2022

Interior Design Masters Contestants last series was a favourite interior design TV show of all time. We are thrilled that it will be returning to the BBC next week.

Fearne Cotton is being replaced by Alan Carr, a comedian, and 10 contestants will compete for the title.

What can we expect from Alan this year as the presenter? He explains that producers told him that he was not only the presenter but that he was supposed to be the representative of the viewers. “So, if the hallway has been painted baby poop brown, I will say so, and if the dado rail looks wonky, I will also bring it up. I was hired because I don’t have a filter.

Paul, a Belfast retail manager, has a refined, luxurious outlook on interior design. “I take inspiration from many walks of life, including high-end designers and high-street brands. Decorating is a personal experience for everyone. It’s important to love the way a room makes them feel.

Micaela Interior Design Masters Contestants

Micaela, a London-based upholsterer, is not only bringing her talents to the competition but also a love for sophisticated vintage style. She explains that as a designer, I value sustainable options such as vintage pieces, repurposing and upcycling. Flatpack furniture is not something I would choose to avoid unless there are vintage pieces that I could replace it with. London has many great charity shops. It’s often much cheaper to find a second-hand gem.


Amy, a mother of three, lives in Leeds. She has a bright and joyful interior style. “I want to create my own style, which is both joyful and thoughtful. Amy says that she doesn’t want to be restricted by any design style. “The most important aspect of my designs is how they make people feel when they are there.”


Charlotte, a textile designer from London, will be bringing her unique sense of style to the competition. Charlotte says that she was on a stage in her textile career when she felt like she needed to be more challenged as a designer. I feel that it’s difficult to find the time and money to devote to passion projects or professional development. I applied for the show because I thought it would allow me to focus on interiors and be able to do so with the excitement of seeing what I could do with it.


Siobhan, a West Yorkshire resident and NHS worker, is known for her joyous, maximal style, which she also shows through her clothes. My love for fashion is a major source of design inspiration. Siobhan explains that she studied fashion and accessories in the 1990s. She is also a trained milliner. “I think I’ve always loved colours, textures, patterns, and fabrics.


Lynsey is an architect from West Yorkshire who brings an innovative and original approach to Interior Design Masters. She says, “I try to combine natural materials with thought-through functional design solutions with beautiful Interior Design Masters Contestants vintage pieces reinvented or new pieces of furniture, and there is always something metallic and shiny in there.”


Mona is a London-based film set designer with an exciting interest in interior design. Her style? “A strong Scandinavian style with the right balance between Shabby chic and rustic elements, contemporary touch. Industrial kiss, bohemian blooms, traditional love, Bauhaus obsession.


Jon’s bright, colourful and engaging interiors are brought to life at his Worthing home. He says, “I have never wanted to appear on television, but Interior Design Masters got me pumping with excitement so many times that I just felt inside of myself that I had to be a part of this.” “I wanted to challenge myself, maybe this was my midlife crisis, since I have the tattoos and shaved hair already!”

Who will be the winner of Interior Design Masters Contestants 2021? Follow the Instagram champion!

BBC Two has been bringing ambitious designs and a wide range of patterns to our screens over the past few weeks. Who was the winner of Interior Design Masters 2021

Lynsey, Siobhan, and Siobhan, who impressed the judges with their bold colours and fine details, were the two finalists to be selected for the final.

Alan Carr hosted them and they were able to show their design skills in each challenge.

Who was the winner of Interior Design Masters 2021 For all your design needs, we found the winner via Instagram

Interior Design Masters Contestants 2021: Who was the winner?

  • It was two Huddersfield designers that made it to the final.
  • Lynsey brought back Amy Wilson, a former contestant, to assist the finalists in designing two holiday homes in Cornwall.

Lynsey is an Interior Design Masters Contestants

Lynsey, an interior designer and architect from Slaithwaite in Huddersfield is Lynsey.

She said that she quit her job as project manager at a construction firm to concentrate on interior design.

Lynsey Ford Design is her own company. She has 15 years of experience in a variety of projects.

Her company offers interior design, architecture, and furniture solutions. She also upcycles old finds and works with antique pieces.

Lynsey is on Instagram

Lynsey might have been busy designing but she also enjoyed motherhood, as she gave birth earlier in the month!

During Interior Design Masters, she was pregnant 

She posted about her time on a BBC series and revealed that she founded her new business in January 2021.

For those who are interested in seeing her completed projects, the interior designer has at least 31K Instagram followers.

She posted her first photo in June 2020. This was Interior Design Masters Contestants when she dedicated her profile to her new job – and she had a puppy in her arms!