Immediate Load-Tooth Implants New Teeth in One Day

Immediate Load-Tooth Implants New Teeth in One Day

Are you frustrated by loose and poorly-fitted dentures, or missing teeth? Do you tend to avoid gatherings with friends or other public gatherings due to the shame and embarrassment caused by damaged, chipped or missing teeth? No more. In just one day you can get your damaged or missing teeth replaced by dental implants as well as restorations.

You can replace one tooth or all of your missing teeth with the immediate charge Dental Implants .

Traditional tooth replacement involves several surgeries over the course a year to place the implants and restore the teeth. But, the latest techniques for teeth implantation could be accomplished in a few hours.

It’s also known as One-Day, Same Day, or Single Day Tooth Implants. This procedure drastically cuts down the time needed for tooth implant.

The whole procedure can be completed within less than 10 hours which includes extraction of broken or decayed teeth (if you have any), placement of the implants, and installation of a brand new tooth set.

It doesn’t take long for bone to develop around the roots. You can then have the unsightly false teeth replaced by implants-supported ones.


  • Instant Load Tooth Implants can be completed quickly and efficiently. They can create stunning smiles in only a couple of days.
  • You will receive permanent bridges or crowns anchored to Tooth Implants within one month.
  • It stops further bone loss (atrophy) and gum receding.
  • Enables you to smile, chew and communicate quickly and confidence. It also offers a dramatic increase in your ability to consume any kind of food.
  • You will have natural-looking teeth after the surgery.
  • Once you have a while, the prosthesis become as strong as your natural teeth and your jaw bone becomes denser.
  • Instant load Tooth Implants are not affecting the teeth adjacent to them in any way. Hence, your own natural teeth remain unaffected.
  • This eliminates the necessity to perform bone grafting.
  • You will need to rest for a few days after surgery.
  • Most importantly is that you can get rid of a painful removable denture or other dental devices for good.

Who is a candidate?

Although immediate load Tooth Implants are a superior alternative to traditional dental implants, removable dentures, as well as bridges for teeth than traditional ones however, they may not be suitable for everyone. The choice of this type of implant depends on the person’s bone condition and medical state.

  • Tooth Implants are not recommended for those suffering from periodontal disease, bone or inflammation at the implant location.
  • The person must be in good health and maintain good oral hygiene in order to have an immediate load Tooth Implant installation. Patients with HIV diabetics, HIV, or Lupus aren’t suitable candidates for the implants.
  • To allow Tooth Implants to succeed it is crucial to have bone density and quality.

Post-surgery Care

  • Tooth Implants are utilized for immediate load. The technique for oral hygiene is the same as natural teeth.
  • These replaced teeth require the same attention like your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing is vital to remove plaque that forms on the surface of the crown or implant as well as between teeth.
  • To ensure the security and stability of your new teeth, it’s important to regularly check your dental health.
  • Oral hygiene around Tooth Implants and implant restorations must be taken in the same manner as dental hygiene for the natural teeth.
  • After surgery, you should be careful not to engage in any intense physical exercises or sports.