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Neurons form an intricate network that makes up the nervous system, connecting everywhere in the body. From sight and sound to smell and taste, touch and pain – sensory inputs processed and transmitted through this intricate network by your nervous system are endless.

The nervous system is particularly vulnerable to damage and can take a long time to heal if ever restored. When an injury to this nervous system support occurs, symptoms like paralysis, tingling, numbness and altered blood flow may occur. Such disruptions to function can be extremely uncomfortable.

What could be wrong with my nervous system?

Injury, inflammation, chronic stress, oxidative damage and neurotransmitter imbalances are all common causes of nervous system dysfunction. When this system becomes damaged or out of balance, our bodies won’t function optimally – both physically and psychologically.

Many common illnesses may have their origins in an impaired nervous system:

  • Anxiety Depression
  • Headaches
  • Issues Sleeping or Staying Awake
  • Memory Loss, Concentration Difficulties, and Cognitive Decline.


When things go awry, various serious disorders affecting the system may manifest as brain disease such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Scleroderma (MS), Strokes, Brain injuries from trauma and Epilepsy.

You can take genuine dietary supplements to support your nervous system, or try these natural therapies:

3 Natural Therapies for Nervous Weakness:

Here are 3 natural treatments commonly prescribed for nervous weakness:

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has many uses; it supplements can relax the mind and reduce anxiety – two common symptoms of nervous weakness.

2. Epsom Salt Bath:

Epsom salt baths, with their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, are widely used to soothe muscle pain and inflammation. Magnesium found in Epsom salt helps with nerve conduction and muscle control.

3. Water Therapy:

In addition to being an effective treatment for nervous weakness, water therapy is also widely used for pain and inflammation relief. Alternating cold and hot showers can reduce discomfort caused by damaged or compromised nerves.

Food to Support

Maintaining the health of your nervous system can be achieved with several proactive measures. Here are a few simple ways to promote its wellbeing from within:


Vitamins B and D help support a healthy nervous system. Both vitamins have anti-inflammatory effects, while Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption for bone health. Fish, bread, whole grains, vegetables, brown rice, cheese and egg yolk can naturally combat vitamin deficiencies; alternatively you may take supplement with these same vitamins but always consult your doctor first before doing so.

B vitamins protect the myelin sheath of nerves from damage. Eating foods high in B vitamins and healthy fats may reduce the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s by helping to maintain healthy myelin production.


Magnesium is another vital nerve system nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce nerve inflammation. It promotes serotonin production for relaxation and calmness of mind. Dark chocolate, green/leafy vegetables, bananas and apricots are all high magnesium foods which may help supplement mineral deficiencies.


Omega-3 fatty acids benefit your nervous system by aiding with inflammation reduction and speeding nerve recovery after disease. Natural sources of these essential fatty acids include mackerel, oysters, sardines, salmon and tuna (wild-caught). Be mindful of heavy metals present in seafood; consult a doctor before taking supplements.

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