What is “Bodhi Fitness”?



The body can be taken out of alignment by strengthening bodhi fitness the core stability muscles. This will lead to integrated whole-body strength as well as dynamic flexibility.

Bodhi Fitness Suspension Systems offers four points of suspension that can maximize stability training and proprioception, while also providing support and assistance.

While learning exercises for the upper, lower and core bodies, you will also experience the body’s dynamic relationship with gravity. Bodhi Fitness will awaken your deepest movements and help you increase strength, balance, and flexibility.

The Bodhi Suspension System Offers many Benefits, including

  • Strengthening and deep engagement of the core
  • Flexibility
  • Tone and strength for the whole body
  • Stability and proprioception
  • Workout that challenges the whole body!

Traditionally, the word Bodhi means enlightenment in English. However, its literal meaning is awakening. Everybody has a story to tell or a reason to exercise. Sometimes all we need is some extra support and guidance to get started on our fitness journey. Bodhi Fitness can help you achieve your goals by tailoring your personal trainer to meet your needs. We are all in this together. Although there MARCO PIZZA will be some hard work, we will ultimately have fun and create a healthier you.

Hi, I’m Chris. After completing my Sport & Leisure Management degree and becoming a certified personal trainer, I have gained valuable experience in a variety of commercial and corporate fitness centers. I was inspired and motivated to start my own beach bootcamp with some friends after co-founding one in my hometown. I have been working with The Workout Club in Ibiza on Balearic beaches, and now I provide exercise therapy for the NHS’ mental health & wellness sector. As a personal trainer and corporate fitness manager, my current role has allowed me to expand my knowledge in both individual and group programming. Bodhi Fitness was created out of my desire to offer my own style of training and help people achieve fun and sustainable fitness.

My core belief is that fitness and health should be fun and not difficult. This is something I strive to emphasize in all I do, personal training included. Mindfulness and self-development are areas that I am passionate about. This is what will help you to have a strong mindset to reach your goals. Crossfit enthusiast, Level 2 Crossfit Coach. Functional movements are the key movements in life and these workouts include a lot of them!

Bodhi fitness’s weapon of choice is the kettlebell. The Kettlebells can improve overall strength, power, flexibility and coordination. Because most exercises involve a variety of muscle groups, kettlebells are great for fat loss. This in turn makes the body work harder and creates a strong, healthy physique. You only need one kettlebell to get amazing results and a great workout.

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