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Arboriculture can be a complicated word. It doesn’t just roll off the tongue. We also find that most people who hear it aren’t sure what to make of it.

The Latin word for tree is the first part of the name, ‘arbor’. Arboriculture is the study, cultivation and management of trees and shrubs. Michal Mixa FdSc founded MMarboriculture in 2019. Michal Mixa FdSc. recognized that there was a better way to promote sustainability while also advising professionals and businesses on how to manage, maintain and overcome tree problems they face during arboricultural reports. This core value is deeply embedded in our company culture. We continue to improve our systems to help our clients move projects forward faster and more efficiently.

What is an Arboricultural Consultant?

An Arboricultural consultant is someone who advises and manages tree problems. Our name is often used to refer to us as Arboriculturists and Tree Consultants.

Our job is to provide impartial expert advice to our clients. This could be about work on development sites, Tree Preservation Orders or the condition of trees within someone’s backyard.

What is the Difference between an Arboricultural Consultant and a Tree Surgeon?

An Arboricultural Consultant does not have the same role as a Tree Surgeon. The role of a Tree Surgeon is to perform physical work on trees. They are likely to have some knowledge about pruning and climbing.

Arboricultural consultants are responsible for the management of all trees. They have at least a Level 5 (foundation degree) qualification and will have spent many years studying tree legislation and how trees grow. Arboricultural Consultants have the ability to perform detailed investigations and report writing, including mortgage reports, development site surveys and tree root investigations.

The benefits of hiring an arborist

What Arborists can do for you

ISA Certified Arborists can help you maintain your investment in trees by offering a range of services, including planting, pruning, health care and removal, appraisals, expert witness and emergency tree care.


A ISA Certified Arborist is trained to know how to prune trees in order to improve or maintain their overall health, appearance, safety, and safety. You might need to prune your trees:

  • To help young trees develop strong structures, train them
  • To increase light penetration and air flow through your canopy, use thin limbs
  • Take out damaged branches and limbs
  • Take out limbs that are causing injury or interference with structures.
  • Take out any limbs that are weak, dead, or diseased
  • Improve storm protection by creating a better structure
  • Reduce excess weight at the branches’ ends
  • Improve the shape of a tree that is damaged


Arborists can help you choose the right tree and how to plant it. Future problems such as insects, disease, poor growth, and limited space can all be caused by planting the wrong tree in the wrong place. Special equipment and skills are required for large tree planting. A ISA Certified Arborist can help you determine the proper depth of planting and how to care for your trees after they have moved.

Plant Health Care

Trees’ sound structure and general health can be maintained by taking preventive measures and maintaining them. Trees will be better protected against diseases and insects. Arborists recommend the following health maintenance measures:

Preventive safety and health assessment

Integrated Pest Management, which includes spray or injection programs, is used to manage pests or diseases.

  • Aeration to increase root growth and reduce compaction
  • Corrective pruning
  • Fertilization and soil amendment
  • Seasonal irrigation

Emergency Tree Services

Storms and severe weather can cause trees or limbs to fall. This could impact people, buildings, structures, and cars. Downed trees can be dangerous to trim or remove because they are extremely heavy. An arborist can help reduce the risk of injury to property or people by assisting with the task.

Extreme care should be taken when trees or limbs become entangled in utility wires during storms or other events. Trees can be very dangerous if they come in contact with utility wires. If power lines become involved in the downing or damage of trees, it is important to call your local power provider immediately.

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